What we do

Activity Automation

We build software to improve activities of academic and corporate institutions.
Our services cover every department in any type of institution.

Find out about are flagship software: Advanced School Management Software...

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Friendly User Interface

Ayaana is created with users in mind. Anyone with basic knowledge of smart phones and computers can start using COLDSiS™ Ayaana within few minutes of their first login.

Optimized for Customization

For Schools are different with systems and processes, COLDSiS™ Ayaana is engineered to be customization friendly to ensure it meets all user requirements.

Secure and Reliable

You can trust COLDSiS to store your data securely. COLDSiS™ Ayaana satisfies all modern web security standards.

Awesome Support

The COLDSiS™ Ayaana team is available 24/7 to help you with any issues or queries

Our Flagship Solution

Advanced School Management Software

Our web based school management software is currently the most advanced system in the country.

This software enhances communication between parents, teachers and students. As well as provide different types of accurate reports.

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COLDSiS™ 2.0 - Ayaana Discover more

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